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“Angel Arms Care kept in touch with the family, has great communication skills and showed genuine care for my dad. When needed, they promptly responded to emergencies with additional help and good communication to the family. I highly recommend Angel Arms Care!”
“Hi Cheryl,

“I can’t say enough about how you and your caregivers took care of my father for over a year. My dad was in the company of loving and caring women who allowed him to maintain his dignity as well as made him smile. Veronica was always encouraging him to stay mobile in a kind and caring way. Toni was the reason my dad would laugh, he loved her colorful nails. The best gift you gave us was making the impossible possible by assisting my father to my daughter’s wedding. That day seeing my father dressed and present at such a special family event will be in my memory forever.

“Although my father is now gone, I will never forget the time, patience and kindness you and your caregivers showed not only my father but our family. Bless you.”

Best regards,
Carmelita B.
“Angel Arms cared for my mom during her limited years. Cheryl Patton, did an excellent job coordinating the care my mom needed with the best caretaker. I was always able to call whenever I needed anything. I never had to worry that my issues were not going to be handled. The services were affordable.

“My mom’s caretaker, Linda, was very kind and attentive. She always made sure my mom was clean and presentable. She handled her like she would her own mom. She became like family to us. We still check on each other at times.

“I am more than happy that I chose Angel Arms Care to care for my mom.”

“Compassionate, committed and thoughtful are just a few of the words I would use to describe Angel Arms Care. They have provided exemplary service to my father, who has Dementia, since 2014 and I so appreciate them. In fact, it would have been difficult to cope with my caregiving responsibilities if I did not have this service. I highly recommend Angel Arms Care because they truly represent their name.”


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